Customer verification Policy

Customer verification:

Some orders come through may need to be further verified. This could be for a number of reasons some being : the address is wrong, a portion of the address is missing, No/ wrong zip code , billing address and credit card address are extremely different, 3rd party payment was used, no contact number attached to the order etc.

To ensure all of the details are accurate a member from our operations team will reach out via phone to verify all of your information. You will receive 3 email attempts if you do not have a direct number attached to your initial order. If there is no reply via email with a contact number to call you to verify your order will be CANCELED and REFUNDED. You may place re-order with all of the correct details listed above.

We take pride in delivering quality product, a seamless customer service experience and ensuring your order is shipped directly to you with the information you’ve provided and confirmed.

 Have further questions?  please feel free to reach out to us via email :