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“Stay Ready, So You Don't Have To Get Ready”


Legacy Lens

Meet The She-E.O

Christié O’Neal, better known as Chrissstyles is a Mom, Visual Merchandising executive, stylist, entrepreneur &visionary. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA In Fashion Merchandising Management; landing her jobs with some of the biggest fashion retailers in the world.

She started working at the age of 11, in the Westside YMCA cafe w/ her mother’s best friend packing lunch bags for large traveling ballet groups. Who knew that skipping out on day camp to express her interest in business would lead her to entrepreneurship? From there she would work at mom-and-pop boutiques, intern w/small jewelry brands, do visual merchandising for top tier retailers and intern all over NYC to find her niche in the business of fashion.

 During her college years she worked in the food industry, specifically the bakery/customer service sector. There she learned the needed tools to obtaining a managerial title. After getting promoted 3 times and solely operating a store front with a full staff she picked up a detailed business acumen ethic. Simultaneously, Christié worked with celebrity stylists and interned on celebrity design teams All while being a freelance wardrobe stylist on the side.

With 15 +years of experience in business & fashion- (Fashion being the forefront of her life)-her primary goal was to own and operate a business she can call her own. So, there it was -The idea of Legacy Lens was birthed Spring of 2019 while vacationing overseas. Legacy Lens LLC, was created to give women the access to acquire quality pieces at an affordable cost that will last them a lifetime. Each piece is sourced to boost your confidence, inspiring you to put your best foot forward. We all have greatness within us. Sometimes we just need to see life through a different lens to tap in.


The Why behind the brand…

Created in 2019 by Christie O’neal, buyer and designer. Legacy Lens eyewear sources the finest quality pieces from around the world. The foundation of Legacy Lens’s was developed with the idea of creating timeless pieces that’ll last you a lifetime. Giving a woman the confidence, she needs to thrive in all aspects of life.

After going through her grandmother’s closet throughout the years Christie fell in love with the idea of obtaining quality pieces. Keeping them in great condition and passing them down to the next person was an idea she looked forward to before her daily hunt through her grandmother’s closet. She’d beg her grandmother for her vintage purses, belts, jewelry & eyewear until she gave in and gave it to her.  This didn’t happen very often; because her grandmother took great pride in seeing the value of her things around her house and in her closet. Keeping this idea in her heart is what led to the birth of Legacy Lens LLC. Since its inception, the company has grown from a sunglass-based company to a lifestyle brand incorporating accessories to provide a further collective look.


“Just believe & you’re halfway there”



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